Modifications for your Daily Driver- Parts

A good modification would always add to one aspect of your car. If you will get a few upgrades done to your car, then it would provide high performance and would boost up your mileage with too much work being involved.

  1. Tires

The best upgrades which you can make in your car are in the car tires. In the past decade, it has been seen that most of the technological progress has been observed in car tires. If you will choose the right car tires, then they would surely last longer, provide better grip and would perform in all types of weather conditions.

car brakes

  1. Braided brake lines

Most of the automobiles use rubber hoses to deliver brake fluid to the car brakes whenever you will press the pedal. Your car wheels move with suspension. When you will press down the brake pedal, then the braided stainless steel brake would provide the maximum amount of pressure. It is an inexpensive way to improve your car brake feel and response.

  1. Wheels

Wheels would allow you with bigger brakes as well as wider car tires. It would provide you with more grip in all kinds of situations. If your car wheels are lighter, then it means that you will have better acceleration and braking.

  1. Seats

If you will have performance bucket seats, then it would grip you as well as your family and your journey would be much more comfortable than before. They will hold you at the correct position, where you actually belong, and that is behind the steering wheel. This is kind of a safety improvement and then you will drive confidently. Now you will feel more in control with the race seats than the old nasty seats which would never ever hold you in place at all.


  1. Camshaft

You can increase your car’s engine performance by using an aggressive camshaft. This way the valves would open wider and they would stay for a longer period of time. This is how engine would get more fuel as well as air to burn. The downside is that it would decrease your car mileage and sometimes it may also cause a change in the power curve.

  1. Limited Slip Differential

Your transmission is connected to the axle of the vehicle with the help of differentials. Some of them would control the speed of one wheel and would make sure that the speed of the corresponding wheel on the other side matches with the first one.

  1. Gutting

I personally love to hear the sound of the road, tires and my exhaust and other minor sounds created while driving. There is no place for heavy materials in my vehicle like carpets. If there are some extra materials which are just making your car heavy, then you must remove them as it would help improve your mileage, acceleration, and car braking.

  1. Car lighting

If you want to increase your visibility while driving, then you must adjust your car headlights and fog lights. This way you will not blind the oncoming drivers with your car headlights. If your car headlights are bright, then it would increase your visibility.


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